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Abarth on track with new 595 Trofeo

Abarth on track with new 595 Trofeo

Chris Russon, 2017-03-17

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TRACK day fans are being targeted by Italian sports car maker Abarth which is fitting a special telemetry system to its new 595 Trofeo hatchback.

The latest Trofeo comes with inbuilt software detailing Europe's leading racing circuits enabling drivers to view track maps and instrument displays giving real-time tips to improve lap times.

It's part of the car's Uconnect infotainment system which includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto allowing access to maps, music and messaging using voice control.

The new Trofeo is based on the 595 Pista which Abarth revealed at this year's Geneva Motor Show and will be priced from £17,290.

Powered by a 1.4-litre turbo engine developing 160bhp and mated to a five speed gearbox it has a 0 to 60 acceleration of 7.3 seconds, a top speed of 135mph and Abarth claims an official fuel figure of 47.1mpg with emissions of 139g/km.

A convertible model with a rag top roof is also being released priced from £19,290 and both versions feature a Record Monza exhaust system with four tailpipes as well as a Koni damping system.

In the current Abarth line up the new car follows on from the 595 Trofeo Edition which was launched in 2015.

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