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All-new Subaru Impreza ready to roll

All-new Subaru Impreza ready to roll

Stewart Smith, 2017-07-03

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SUBARU launchedtheiconic Impreza in 1992 and since then around 2.5 million have been sold worldwide with 250,000across Europe.

The latest model in the series is due to be revealed at the Frankfurt International Motor Show on September 12.

It will come equipped with Subaru's symmetrical all-wheel-drive system and Boxer engine.

It will be the second model to be launched on the Subaru global platform and has a 5mm lower centre of gravity than outgoing Impreza, improving handling stability and increasing steering response.

New safety features are fitted as standard including EyeSight, Subaru's advanced driver assist technology.

The new Impreza has already been voted Car of the Year in its Japanese homeland.

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