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New BMW M5

New BMW M5

Stewart Smith, 2017-08-22

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THIS is the sixth-generation BMW M5 which will make its appearance in the UK next February.

It comes with an enhanced 600bhp V8 engine, a new M-specific all-wheel drive system known as M xDrive and performance statistics that surpass all previous models.

Its power comes from the latest 4.4-litre engine with BMW M TwinPower turbo technology which delivers a maximum torque of 750Nm, accelerating the new M5 from zero to 62mph in just 3.4 seconds, making it the fastest M5 yet.Top speed is restricted to 155mph.

Despite the performance figures BMW is claiming an official fuel return of 26.9mpg with emissions of 249g/km.

Power is transferred to the road via a new eight-speed M Steptronic transmission with Drivelogic.

BMW say the key to this level of performance is the introduction of M xDrive and its adaptability thanks to a central control module and the variety of different dynamic modes that can be selected.

When first started, the car is in four-wheel-drive mode with the dynamic stability control switched on. But it comes with various driving dynamics modes, up to a track-friendly pure rear-wheel drive.

The design of the new BMW M5 is specific to M models which come with a completely redesigned front bumper and the bonnet is made of aluminium, while the roof consists of a very light carbon fibre reinforced plastic.

On the inside the new M5 offers space for up to four passengers, a large boot and high levels of comfort the same as those of the 5-Series saloon.

The driver faces a large digital display similar to the BMW 5-Series but it has been reconfigured specifically for the M5.

It informs the driver about dynamic modes, the all-wheel drive M xDrive and the Drivelogic setting. The speed warning alarm is adjustable and shift lights inform the driver when it is the optimal time to change gear in manual shift mode. The data can also be reflected in a head-up display.

Prices have yet to be announced.

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