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ID Crozz is VW's electric SUV

ID Crozz is VW's electric SUV

Chris Russon, 2017-09-11

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VOLKSWAGEN will flick the switch on its electric revolution within the next three years and has a line up of zero emission models in the wings.

On the eve of the Frankfurt Motor Show it took the wraps of its latest ID concept model - a battery-powered SUV with a range of more than 350 miles on a single charge.

The ID Crozz ll is slated to go into production in 2020 - the same time as VW will introduce a five-door electric hatch which it unveiled at last year's Paris auto salon.

Speaking ahead of the Frankfurt show - Europe's premier new car event of 2017 - VW chairman Dr Herbert Diess said the company anticipated that by 2025 demand for its ID models could reach a million per year.

He added that across the Volkswagen Group - which includes Audi, Skoda and SEAT as well as Bentley and Lamborghini - more than 30 new electric models were in the pipeline.

"As early as 2020, the first year of our electric mobility campaign, we aim to sell 100,000 all-electric Volkswagen cars," said Dr Diess. "But actually that is just the beginning. By 2025, according to our forecasts, annual sales of the I.D. models could increase ten-fold to one million vehicles."

The ID Crozz ll is a futuristic all-wheel-drive vehicle with two electric motors driving each axle and developing a combined power output of 306ps.

It will be a rival to the likes of the Jaguar I-PACE battery-powered SUV which will be on sale next year.

Top speed of the ID Crozz ll is a claimed 112mph and the vehicle is said to have a range between 300 and 350 miles with an 80 per cent battery recharge taking just half an hour.

It sits on a new platform VW has developed especially for its electric vehicle programme and at 15ft 2ins long is of similar proportion to the Tiguan Allspace.

Boot space is a family-friendly 515 litres and the rear doors slide backwards opening up a pillarless side allowing for easy access. The car sits on 21-inch alloys.

VW claims it will handle akin to a Golf GTI and it is fitted with what VW calls ID Pilot, a semi autonomous drive mode that allows the vehicle to be driven hands free in certain conditions.

The cabin is set out with four individual seats and the ID Crozz ll is high on technology with advanced voice control that can open the doors and an augmented reality head up display that enhances sat nav instructions with 3D virtual images.

The instrument panel is centred on a 10.2-inch tablet-style touchscreen with almost all control functions digitised.

While Volkswagen has set 2020 as the year to launch its new electric vehicle offensive of ID models, Dr Diess stressed that the new EV models would be in addition to its current line up.

"We will have a long transition phase in which a wide variety of drive systems will coexist," he said. "Along with fully electric vehicles, this will also include our increasingly efficient hybrid, petrol, diesel and natural gas drives."

Following on from the ID hatch and SUV, VW has already announced the ID Buzz microbus concept it revealed at the Pebble Beach concourse in America earlier this year would be released in 2022, taking the legendary campervan into the eco age.

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