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Nissan on song with Micra BOSE

Nissan on song with Micra BOSE

Stewart Smith, 2017-09-11

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IF high quality audio is a must for your latest motor then Nissan has just the thing.

It's the Micra BOSE Personal Edition which is now on sale and only 600 have been allocated to the UK.

The car has been created to mark Nissan's long-standing partnership with audio company BOSE and it is the first special edition of the fifth-generation Micra which went on sale only a few months ago.

It has an audio system which delivers an immersive 360 degree sound experience through BOSE digital signal processing and six high-performance speakers. These include two BOSE UltraNearfield speakers built into the driver's seat head rest.

Sound from the system can be personalised to suit the driver's tastes with the help of the BOSE PersonalSpace Control.

This feature is located in the Micra's audio settings, accessed through the car's touch-screen infotainment system.

It provides an adjustable range of audio options, from a precise and front-focused sound to a much wider and enveloping experience.

The BOSE special is based on the range-topping Tekna grade. Enigma black or echo grey exterior colours come included in the car's price, as well as unique body and interior features.

The outside of the Micra comes with orange finishers fitted to the front and rear bumper, side mouldings, mirrors caps and 17-inch alloys. The personalised look is finished with anodised black and orange stickers on the roof and bonnet.

Featured on the inside there are soft-touch, double-stitched energy orange inserts on the seats, floor mats and kick plates. A premium arm rest between the front seats has also been added.

A range of safety technologies come as standard, including intelligent emergency braking with pedestrian recognition and intelligent lane intervention.

The Micra BOSE special comes with a choice of two engines - the 0.9-litre 90bhp three-cylinder downsized turbo petrol, priced from £18,635, and the 1.5-litre 90bhp turbodiesel at £19,965, both with five-speed manual transmissions.

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