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DS 3 special built to scale

DS 3 special built to scale

Chris Russon, 2018-02-13

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FRENCH luxury brand DS is releasing a special edition of its small hatchback with hand finished touches including a roof that is said to resemble reptile skin.

The DS 3 Black Lezard will be limited to just 100 models In the UK and is priced from £19,545.

DS says the special model, which includes a leather and Black Lezard-style clutch bag, is the latest in a series of ‘collectable' models.

"From a style perspective we wanted to create an element of the car that would be unique in its appearance," said Thierry Metroz, DS styling director. "We were inspired by the world of fashion, haute couture and leather goods."

As well as the textured roof finish, the car also has similar effects on the top of the doors and the rear spoiler and comes with dark paint colours - black, purple, blue and grey - as well as 17-inch black alloys.

Inside, the dark theme continues with black leather upholstery and a black gloss finish to the dashboard.

The DS 3 Lezard is powered by a 1.2-litre PureTech petrol engine developing 110ps which is already used in the line up.

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