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Driving Force comprises some of the most experienced motoring journalists in the United Kingdom.

The Authors

Chris Russon

The driving force behind Eurekar. Chris heads up a team of motoring correspondents under the Driving Force banner. Prior to Driving Force becoming independent in 2010 he was Chief Motoring Editor for Trinity Mirror Regional newspapers. Chris has been writing about cars for almost 40 years.

Edward Stephens

Edward edits the motoring pages of the Birmingham Mail and Birmingham Post as a freelancer after more than 35 years on the staff. Also writes on motoring for various other newspapers, trade magazines and well known websites.

Mike Torpey

Driving Force news editor and responsible for organising our daily output. He was staff motoring editor of the Liverpool Echo for 20 years.

Ian Johnson

Ian has been a member of Driving Force since its inception. He began his career in journalism in 1962 on the Cheshire Observer and took over the paper's motoring column in 1966. Specialist areas include classic cars, product launches and automotive comment.

Ian Donaldson

Ian estimates he has driven more than 6,000 cars (so far) in a road testing career that's taken him around the world. He has spent several years as a full-time staff motoring editor and is now a busy freelance journalist

Enda Mullen

Enda is a business reporter for the Coventry Telegraph and is also the motoring editor for the Solihull News. He covers the Midlands automotive industry and in particular Jaguar Land Rover and Aston Martin product launches. He is a renowned automotive commentator.

Alistair Coull

Alistair has been the motoring correspondent for the Daily Post in England and Wales since 1986. Now freelance, he has also worked for the Press Association, Daily Express, Daily Star, the Huddersfield Examiner and was deputy syndication editor for the Manchester Evening News.

Maxine Ashford

Maxine has been a journalist since the late 1980s and for the past 13 years has specialised in motoring. Former motoring editor at Media Wales responsible for the Western Mail, South Wales Echo, Wales on Sunday. Freelance since 2009, Maxine loves cars but not quite as much as rugby!

Patrick James

The author has been a motoring writer for more than 16 years. Formerly motoring editor at the Coventry Telegraph, he now produces motoring copy, on new car launches and road tests on a freelance basis.

John Murdoch

John is regional editor for Media Scotland's Lanarkshire and Lothian titles. Three times president of the Association of Scottish Motoring Writers he has been writing about cars for over 40 years. Recently awarded lifetime membership of the National Union of Journalists and was the subject of a motion in the Scottish Parliament congratulating him on his service to newspapers.

Barrie Mills

Barrie has been covering the motoring scene for more than 15 years contributing to Driving Force and the Liverpool Echo. When he is not writing about cars, he is deputy head of production for Trinity Mirror in Merseyside. Barrie has a particular interest in classic cars.

Bruce Booth

Bruce left the Daily Record three years ago after 23 years as a sub editor motoring writer to wind down a long career as a freelance motoring journalist. Still supplies new and used car columns as well as covering motorsport for the Record and for Eurekar

Lee Gibson

A journalist with nearly 30 years of experience on some of the biggest regional newspapers in England and Wales including the Birmingham Mail, Express & Star, Western Mail, the Sunday Mercury and Wales on Sunday. He currently edits the Sunday Mercury motoring pages as well as contributing to Eurekar.

Peter Keenan

Peter has been with the Birmingham Post & Mail since 1990 and took on the role as motoring correspondent in 2007. He has been part of the Driving Force team for more than 10 years and his reviews are used nationwide by Trinity Mirror publications.

Robin Roberts

Has had with a career spent covering the automotive industry and particularly its Welsh component suppliers - he can not only tell you what goes where but possibly who made it fit. He has been a motoring journalist based in Wales for three decades.

Val Jessop

Val has worked for provincial and regional newspapers in Yorkshire, Lancashire and Merseyside, including the Liverpool Daily Post, Welsh Daily Post, Manchester Evening News, and as freelance for the Daily Express and Daily Star. Interests include motorsport, especially Formula One, covering events in the UK and particularly the Monaco Grand Prix.

Jon Smith

Jon is a senior motoring journalist with a background writing for weekly/provincial daily and national newspapers and magazines. He has held executive news and features positions in Fleet Street and evening titles. Former Pirelli Motoring Writer of the Year winner. Currently specialising in product launches, safety issues, car tests and future motoring trends.

Peter Hayward

Peter has been writing about cars for more than 35 years producing road tests, second hand car tests, features on new and classic models, road safety and manufacturing. Has been a contributor to Auto Express, Classic Cars, Classic Car Weekly, Candis magazine and Japanese Motoring.

David Whinyates

David helped set up Driving Force while motoring editor of the Teesside Gazette. Now acts as consultant motoring editor and is a co-owner of Driving Force Media Ltd.

Steve Orme

Steve has been on the motoring circuit since 1979 and has a particular interest in 4x4 with access to off-road terrain. Steve writes the weekly Full Chat column which takes an irreverent look at motoring. A member of the Northern group of Motoring Writers.

Stewart Smith

Stewart was the former motoring editor of the Coventry Telegraph and is now a freelance contributor to Eurekar. He is based in Scotland and specialises in First Drive reviews.

Mark Turner

<p>Mark, grew up oily and holding a spanner for his dad then spent his whole life around cars, bikes and anything with wheels and an engine.</p> <p>He’s done almost everything from selling cars to fixing them to working on engineering projects for the manufacturers and tier 1 suppliers to photographing and writing about them and more.</p> <p>Mark says “I remember in my first year at secondary school I was sitting in English class. We had a truly inspirational teacher called Wally Gomes who had a MK1 Escort Lotus. Wally sparked something inside me and I’ve been writing ever since.”</p>

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Dealer Locator

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NOT so long ago the people carrier or MPV was seen as a prayer answered for families on the move.It made sense - roomy, comfortable living space with ample height to get in and out of. But times move on, and these days the people carrier looks as about current as a ten bob note.It's the SUV that has stepped into the vacant tyre tracks and won over families, outdoor singletons and seniors alike.But within the sector there are noticeable extremes that vary from the full-on...


SUZUKI is having a good time of it recently.With the launch of the Ignis and revamped Swift, its reputation for producing reasonably priced reliable small cars is further enhanced.The firm also has a reputation for producing decent all-wheel drive vehicles. So it does the simple things really well.The SX-4 S-Cross combines the best of both. A smallish crossover that is more than capable off road. It is also available as front wheel drive only.It has had a recent facelift, and if not...


WE'VE all seen the ads - the terminally ‘uncool' dad driving his daughter to school in his stylish and clever Volkswagen Tiguan while blasting out some bass-heavy hip hop.But can you be Steve McQueen-cool in a Tiguan?VW certainly has the pedigree. The Beetle was once one of the coolest cars on the planet - air-cooled obviously. And, the marque's campervans are in a league of their own with the cognoscenti.The Tiguan has certainly been a hit. Well over 3.5 million have been sold...


OPEN-top motoring fans with an eye to luxury can look forward to the spring to get behind the wheel of the latest S-Class Mercedes Cabriolet, which has a starting price of £115,910 for the S 560 AMG Line.And for those looking for the ultimate in high performance cabriolets from the German car maker they can shell out for the Mercedes-AMG S 63 available from £140,610 or the AMG S 65 costing £197,510.In line with the S-Class Coupe range, the S 560 replaces the outgoing S 500, and...


THE coupe was a style that really captured the imagination of the British motoring public in the late 1970s and there were some very tasty offerings on the market.The Ford Capri had already set the benchmark in this field and what followed was an array of some truly great wheels.One such was the Honda Prelude which was born in 1978 and had a long run of different variations, all of which had one thing in common - the ability to place a stylish coupe in the image of the great GTs on...


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COMFORT is the name of the game when it comes to the Infiniti QX30 - a smaller executive all wheel drive hatch that should keep anyone going in the worst of winter.But don't take it too far off the beaten track because while it has raised ground clearance over its two wheel drive stablemate, it still rides quite low.As well as excellent ride comfort over virtually all surfaces at slow or fast speeds, it's also a very easy car to drive and to live with thanks to a standard automatic...


MERCEDES has released prices for its new CLS coupe which was unveiled recently at the Los Angeles Auto Show and which goes on sale next year.Prices start from £57,510 for the CLS 350 d 4MATIC AMG Line, the CLS 400 d 4MATIC AMG Line is priced from £60,410, while the petrol-powered CLS 450 4MATIC AMG Line is available from £57,610.The 350 d and 400 d both come with a new in-line six-cylinder diesel engine. It produces 286bhp in the 350 d and 340bhp in the 400 d.The 350 d can sprint...


DAIHATSU stopped importing cars into Britain in 2011 because the exchange rate meant they made too little profit.So the youngest - apart from a very few far eastern imports - dates from then. It was a shame they stopped selling here, because the Sirion in particular was a great small car well worth considering against any of the other superminis on the market.And although they are no longer sold, spares are still available because they are still on the market in many other countries,...


ITis canine law that a puppy in its first winter must see snow.This won't make it Rin Tin Tin or guarantee a rosette in the Eskimo Nell class of Crufts but certainly gives the humans a good laugh.And so it came to pass, well a pass and a hill actually, that after a sunny day in Wharfedale we dropped from bright sunshine into a blizzard at Pately Bridge, or Parsley Bridge as the sat nav insisted it was called.By Reeth the ground was white and time to give the pup a run on the village...


LANE drift is causing major concern for car insurers.An innovative research project commissioned by Direct Line car insurance reveals that one in nine (11 per cent) vehicles on the road drifts out of their lane, putting themselves and other road users at risk of collision.Researchers studied more than 70 hours of footage across major UK motorways and found that more than half (53 per cent) of drivers who drift into another lane - an action which could see them prosecuted for...