Ultimate M3 ready

for track and road


A HIGH performance M3 has been developed by BMW with a top speed close to 200mph.

The BMW M3 GTS - available only in a bright orange paint job - is aimed primarily at track enthusiasts but will also be road legal.

Powered by a 4.3-litre V8 engine producing 450bhp, the GTS has a 0 to 60mph time of less than 4.4 seconds.

The car is based on a standard M3 Coupe but with substantial modifications to the engine, suspension and transmission it has a maximum speed of 190mph.

Using lightweight technology such as special aluminium-silicon alloy crankcase, the GTS weighs around 1.5 tons - some 70kg lighter than the M3 Coupe.

The car is fitted with race car aerodynamics including front spoilers and a rear wing based on that of the BMW 320si used in the World Touring Car Championship.

Other weight saving features include a carbon-fibre reinforced plastic roof as used on the regular M3 while lightweight components are used on the centre console and door panels.

The GTS also has polycarbonate rear windows, no rear seats less sound insulation and a thin-wall racing exhaust.

Inside the car is fitted with racing bucket seats, carbon interior trims and an alcantara M steering wheel. Door and sidewall linings in the rear compartment are also made of alcantara.

Pricing is still to be announced and the car is due on sale early next year.




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