Nissan packs a

bigger punch

Nissan GT-R, rear
Nissan GT-R

SUPERCAR fans can anticipate tearing up the Tarmac even quicker with the latest version of Nissan's lightning fast GT-R coupe.

Updated models hit the streets early next year with improvements to the engine, chassis and transmission geared to squeezing every drop of performance from the Japanese company's flagship model.

But while the 2012 GT-R boasts even greater grunt thanks to its 3.8-litre twin-turbo V6 engine's power being hiked to 550PS, there's also an improvement in both fuel economy and emissions.

And the car also has a newly developed asymmetric suspension which compensates for greater weight on the driver's side, enhanced transmission ‘feel' and a stronger body for extra rigidity and ever better handling.

By improving the GT-R's engine efficiency, its fuel economy has been slightly improved to 24mpg from 23.5mpg, while engine output rises by 20PS. Torque has also risen by 20Nm to 632Nm.

Inside, the instrument panel has been enhanced by the addition of blue lighting inside the tachometer ring to match the shift position indicator light, giving a more sophisticated atmosphere, and a rear view camera will be standard on all models.

And to boost in-car sounds, the Bose woofers have been upgraded to Bose Precision Sound developed for the EGOIST grade.

Nissan is also planning a new track-focused GT-R version designed for customers who want to enjoy a more race-biased driving experience. More info and pricing is expected in December.


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