Funky PT still

stands out

Chrysler PT Cruiser, front
Chrysler PT Cruiser, side
Chrysler PT Cruiser, rear
Chrysler PT Cruiser, interior

THE hot-rod lookalike Chrysler PT Cruiser's retro shape was an immediate hit with many in this country when it first came out and it was no surprise to me.

Many people love to have a car that stands out from the crowd and this one most certainly does.

It is still sought after now even though production stopped in 2009, but secondhand prices are still down to reasonable levels.

A facelift in 2006 added an improved diesel engine and a fresh interior to this left field choice family hatch/estate, which has room for five and all their stuff.

Two-litre and 2.4 petrol engines are not that quick or smooth, and they are also quite thirsty.

Best bet is the excellent 2.2 diesel, which has decent performance combined with 40mpg economy.

The handling is good through a series of corners, but the ride is easily upset and can be jittery at speed.

A funky and different layout inside harks back to the 1950s, and is none the worse for that.

Space is very good, and the boot vast. Many have been customised with the wide range of kit from the extras list.

Pay about £2,800 for an '06 06-reg Classic, £5,400 for an '09 09-reg Limited

120bhp, 2,148cc, 4 cylinder diesel driving the front wheels via a 5 speed manual gearbox


11.7 seconds




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