Drivers admit to

road rage

Angry drivers, road rage
Angry drivers, road rage

IT is a sad fact but more than seven in ten Brits admit their own poor driving adds to road rage.

A case proven as driver error remains the greatest cause of accidents, according to new research for Continental Tyres.

The study reveals that more than 25 million motorists apply double-standards and get sufficiently wound up by the slack habits of others, resulting in them reacting angrily and even driving more aggressively.

The responses of 2,000 drivers identified that three quarters of us see poor driving skills as a major safety concern - and their greatest irritation when behind the wheel.

The research was commissioned to address how road safety can be improved and accidents reduced as part of Continental Tyres' long term commitment to ‘Vision Zero', with the aim of reducing accidents through its innovative tyre technologies and automotive systems.

Department for Transport figures report more than 500 accidents every day result in an injury or fatality.

As technology automates more features of driving, it is the advances in safety systems that we hope will be a major solution to eliminate our own erratic performance behind the wheel.

There is no doubt that driving is a complex task that requires attention and concentration - when we fail to do that it creates problems for ourselves and other road users.

That can range from a heated exchange with other road users to something more serious - so it is vital we make safety our primary consideration for the duration of every journey.

The study also reports that we see bad driving habits on one in every four journeys, the worst being using a mobile, driving too close (tailgating), dangerous overtaking and failing to signal.

Despite recognising the risks, 39 per cent of motorists admit to having broken the speed limit in the last month. Nearly one in ten also own up to using their mobile when in charge of a vehicle.

Adopting a double-standard and disapproving of the faults of others whilst ignoring our own failings is showing through clearly as a clear concern.

We are witnessing raft of new technologies to improve road safety the need for motorists to be attentive is paramount.

With the prospect of driverless cars, people are starting to consider the benefits that will be delivered over the coming years. And what a surprise - the study revealed that top of the list was road safety.

Surely with effort we can equal a driverless car on that score.


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