Tougher penalties

for phone use at


Mobile phone use

SPEEDING is probably the most abused motoring law but it has a competitor - the use of mobile phone handsets at the wheel.

You see them every day, chattering away or even texting and the risky act of taking selfies with the phone's camera.

It seems that the legislation passed to control this problem was just not stringent enough so offenders could soon receive harsher penalties.

Under proposals just announced, the current fine for using a phone while driving would increase from £100 to £150 and drivers would receive an additional point on their licence, taking the total penalty points to four.

The penalty for HGV drivers would double to six points and first time offenders would also be made to attend an educational course.

The proposals form part of new wider road safety measures and which will be consulted on later in the year.

But will tougher penalties be enough todeter the most hardened chatters at the wheel?

The answer lies with enforcement and with recent cuts in policing this may prove difficult.

But the fact remains that using a phone while behind the wheel was a factor in 21 fatal accidents and 84 serious incidents on the road last year and something needs to happen fast.


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