Peugeot 208 pure

turbo fun

Peugeot 208, front
Peugeot 208, side
Peugeot 208, front
Peugeot 208, rear
Peugeot 208, interior

I HAVE liked all the models from the Peugeot 208 range that I've driven but the latest PureTech turbo engine adds a new dimension.

This little three-cylinder 1.2 is as smooth as silk and packs a real punch, with the performance of a 1.6 but much better economy and low low emissions.

There's 110bhp on tap and with the 208's lightweight body, it will reach 60 miles an hour from standstill with ease in under 10 seconds.

But its not just this sprint that makes it special. It also pulls beautifully in the gears, and is happy to trickle along in fifthof five to sip as little as possible of the amber nectar.

There is a lower powered version of this engine with 80bhp and that's available in many more models than the 110, which can only be had in more expensive Allure or GT-Line specs.

If you can run to the extra cash, this one is definitely the one to go for.

The 208 was revised last year with new front and rear bumpers, a larger grill and new lights.

The PureTech 110 engine was added at the same time and both three and five door models are available.

I drove the five door, which has a good blend of comfort and handling, and is able to soak up the lumps and bumps in town better than most other superminis.

It also clings on well in the corners although there is some roll and, when pushed too hard, the balance fades safely to understeer, so that when you lift off the loud pedal it comes back into line.

The interior is stylish and different - sometimes not to everyone's taste. A small steering wheel is mounted so that the instruments are viewed above it and this takes careful steering height adjustment to make sure you can see everything.

There's a touch screen for stereo and climate functions, which also controls the trip computer, Bluetooth, nav and reversing camera when they're fitted.


Price: £15,640

Mechanical: 110bhp, 1,199cc, 3cyl petrol engine driving front wheels via 5-speed manual gearbox

Max Speed: 118mph

0-62mph: 9.6 seconds

Combined MPG: 62.8

Insurance Group: 15

C02 emissions: 99g/km

Bik rating: 14%

Warranty: 3yrs/60,000 miles


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