Reduce the risk of

car crime

HAVE you ever experienced vehicle theft? If you drive a Range Rover Sport there's a chance as it was the most stolen and recovered vehicle in 2015.

In fact three of the Range Rover models were in the top 10 alongside the Audi Q7, the BMW 3 and 5 Series, and the Mercedes C63 - all high-end, desirable vehicles.

It's good news that the recovery rate on stolen vehicles is going up, but it's still a sickening feeling to have your vehicle broken into or stolen.

Vehicle crime remains prevalent, and despite technology providing an important deterrent, thieves are finding innovative new ways of stealing vehicles, like hacking ignition systems using tools purchased over the internet.

For the sake of balance it's not all doom and gloom. Technological security features installed by car manufacturers have had a significant impact in reducing vehicle theft.

The number of vehicles stolen in the UK last year decreased to the lowest point since 1968.

While some vehicles are statistically more likely to be broken into than others, I wouldn't let the stats influence your vehicle choice too much.

A more practical stance is to follow police advice to mitigate your risk, because let's face it, any vehicle can be stolen or broken into.

The police promote a number of basic but sound tips to reduce the chances of vehicle related crime which include removing belongings from the vehicle, closing windows and the sunroof, and storing vehicle related documentation at home rather than in the car or van.


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