Porsche recalls

Cayenne for pedal


Porsche Cayenne, front action

ALMOST half a million Porsche Cayenne luxury SUVs are being recalled for safety checks after a potential problem was discovered with a clip which secures the pedals.

The recall involves all 409,477 Cayennes sold worldwide from 2011 to now. In the UK 14,600 vehicles are involved.

Porsche says it has discovered that a circlip could be loose on the bearing bracket for the pedals on all Cayenne models built in the past five years.

The problem was discovered during ‘internal inspections' of the current 4x4 models which cost from between £49,000 and £118,000.

Vehicle owners will be contacted by their local Porsche dealerships to make a workshop appointment. The company says that the procedure will take less than 30 minutes and will be free of charge.


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