Regency the pride of


Daimler Regency

IF waiting in a traffic queue in the mid-1950s and a massive palatial set of wheels drew up next to you with a classically inscribed letter D on the hub cap then it could have been that pride of Coventry, the Daimler Regency.

The Regency was made between 1951 and 1956 and only 52 examples of the first models were made because demand for new cars collapsed just weeks after its introduction.

But around two years later a lengthened more powerful version was announced but, in turn, it attracted few customers and it was replaced by the very much faster One-O-Four in 1955.

But in my view the Regency was not built for speed, but getting there in that inimitable British style which earned Daimler its coveted ‘By Royal Appointment' accolade in 1902, but which was sadly lost in 1950 to Rolls-Royce.

The wraps were thrown off and the Regency was displayed at the Paris Motor Show and the UK first saw it at the 1951 British Show.

The chassis was similar to the two and a half litre Eighteen Consort, but power came from a new three-litre six-cylinder derived from the power unit of the Lanchester Fourteen.

The usual Daimler Fluid Flywheel coupled the engine and its Wilson pre-selector four-speed gearbox.

All new car sales collapsed in 1952 while the nation waited for the removal of a temporarily increased purchase tax.

The Regency Mark II was announced in October 1954 featuring a more flowing body style and longer boot.

It was available with a three-and-a-half litre of four-and-a-half litre engine and cost from £2,324 to £2,778.

In truth the Regency deserved more success than it really achieved.

Although there was hot competition from Rolls-Royce and Bentley, the Daimler never lost its regal stance and even now stands head and shoulder above more modern competition when it comes to pure good looks.


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