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anniversary range

Jeep Wrangler, 75th anniversary limited edition
Jeep Cherokee, 75th anniversary limited edition
Jeep, Renegade, 75th anniversary limited edition
Jeep, Grand Cherokee, 75th anniversary limited edition
Jeep, 75th anniversary badge
Willys Jeep

A NEW line up of Jeeps has arrived in Britain to mark 75 years of the go-anywhere American brand.

The anniversary specials are available in a variety of green finishes with bronze coloured wheels and have interiors trimmed to mark the event.

Limited editions of all four Jeep models will be available, starting off with the Renegade and the Cherokee.

Later in the year the Grand Cherokee and the Wrangler will join the diamond jubilee range commemorating the arrival of the original Jeep back in 1941.

The Renegade 75th Anniversary is priced from £26,795 and comes in what Jeep calls Jungle Green livery.

The Cherokee special costs from £38,945 and will come in Recon Green - as will the Grand Cherokee anniversary model.

The Wrangler gets a different shade called Sarge Green and a body-coloured grille and top.

Prices for the Wrangler and the Grand Cherokee limited editions are still to be announced.

The original Willys Jeep became the workhorse of the military during the Second World War and more than half a million were made.

"It's a Jeep tradition to celebrate key anniversaries, and 2016 is no exception," said Damien Dally, head of Jeep UK. "Born in 1941, the Jeep brand has a rich heritage.

"One of the special features of these 75 Anniversary cars will be the unique green colours, but the choice does not stop there. There are several other paints to choose from."


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