Bridgestone calls

for tougher tyre


Damaged tyre

MAJOR tyre company Bridgestone is calling on the UK Government to follow Ireland's lead in implementing mandatory fines on motorists who drive with defective or worn tyres.

Bridgestone says that a recent change in the Republic of Ireland has introduced a new fixed charge for tyre offences for motorists, with fines of 80 euros now in effect.

While there are penalties in place in the UK for driving on illegal tyres - including three points and a maximum £2,500 fine per tyre - it is seen only as a summary offence.

Bridgestone believes that a fixed fine will promote greater awareness amongst motorists of the hazards of driving with tyres that are not in roadworthy condition.

A survey by TyreSafe in partnership with Highways England of the tread depth of tyres at the point of replacement, from February to May, 2015, showed that more than a quarter of all drivers had an illegal tyre on their vehicle, suggesting that potentially 10 million tyres on the roads of England, Scotland and Wales were dangerous and illegal last year..

When comparing an annual conviction figure of around 5,000 to around 10 million illegal tyres identified in the organisation's tread depth survey, the proportion of drivers prosecuted stands at around 0.0005 per cent.

That figure equates to potentially up to one in every four cars and LCVs of the 35.3 million vehicles on Britain's roads having an illegal tyre at some point during the year.


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