How your drive can

make you money

Rented driveway parking

HOMEOWNERS in London, Leeds, Glasgow and Bristol are among those achieving the highest additional household income by renting out their empty driveways.

While residents in the capital who rented out parking spaces via unsurprisingly topped the list, earning on average £2,172 per year, homeowners in 34 other towns or cities from across the country all made an average of more than £1,000 per year.

The findings show that that since YourParkingSpace analysed similar figures in 2013, the average driveway rental income earnt in Leeds has increased by over 30 per cent, nearly 20 per cent in Brighton and by more than 20 per cent in Glasgow.

The company says this reflects a growing importance of the UK's sharing economy and the increased awareness of driveway rentals.

Within London, the borough of Westminster offered residents the highest earning potential at £4,371 per year, closely followed by Kensington and Chelsea at £4,090, Islington at £3,030 and Hammersmith and Fulham at £2,483.

Meanwhile towns and cities outside the capital still offered significant potential with the likes of Manchester, Cardiff, Leicester, Edinburgh and Gloucester all breaking the £1,000 a year mark.

The Top 10 towns and cities rated by YourParkingSpace are:

1. London £2,172
2. Leeds £1,762
3. Bristol £1,711
4. Brighton £1,661
5. Cambridge £1,614
6. Oxford £1,601
7. Glasgow £1,536
8. Cardiff £1,493
9. Newcastle £1,471
10. Birmingham £1,462


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