Hidden danger of sat

nav mounting

Sat nav, mounted on windscreen

THE idea of your beloved sat nav being a threat to safety seems unthinkable, but some drivers may be putting lives at risk by thoughtlessly positioning them in the centre of the windscreen.

Breakdown specialists GEM Motoring Assist says that irresponsible positioning of these devices poses a huge threat to road safety.

Placing them in the middle of a car windscreen means a potentially lethal reduction in driver visibility, especially on left hand bends and at junctions, GEM warns.

A typical large screen sat nav device measuring nearly seven inches (17cm) wide by four inches (10.48cm) high has the potential to cause significant restrictions to a driver's field of view, especially if it's mounted in the centre of the windscreen below a large rear view mirror.

A small screen device may seem to be only a minor obstruction from inside the car. However, it has the potential to hide a much larger area outside the car, depending on where you sit and the distance you are from it.

Placing a sat nav right in the centre of the windscreen will block most of your nearside view, and will mean you miss all the hazards that might be there. This is particularly dangerous on left hand bends, at junctions and crossings, and in any locations where you may share the road space with cyclists and pedestrians.

Common sense says that the safest place for a sat nav is low down on your windscreen, and to the far right, to minimise obstruction of your field of view.

If this is not possible, then it may be acceptable in the centre of the windscreen, but you should position it as low down as possible.

Also make sure you choose the right seat height and position to suit your individual shape and size before positioning your sat nav.

It is best to avoid fitting the sat nav to a location that could cause injury to a driver or passenger in a crash. This includes potential head strike zones on the windscreen, or other locations where deploying an airbag may contact them.

Never fit the sat nav high up on the windscreen. As well as severely restricting vision, this could interfere with the rear view mirror and sun visors, and will require power cords to trail across the driver's field of vision.


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