Nissan takes lead

with electric taxis

Nissan Leaf taxis

THE market for all-electric taxis in Europe increased by 66 per cent last year and in the UK Nissan products proved to be the biggest seller.

In 2015, 78 of the company's zero-emission LEAF and e-NV200 models were delivered to taxi firms around the country.

Europe was the top continent for all-electric taxi take-up, accounting for 48 per cent of worldwide sales in 2015 with EV model sales rising from 426 to 709.

Leading the charge in the current financial year, Nissan and Spains's La Ciudad del Taxi have just announced the world's largest 100 per cent electric taxi fleet deal that will see 110 Nissan LEAF 30 kWh models providing zero emission taxi services in Madrid.

The electric taxi market in Europe is growing quickly as taxi operators switch on to the benefits of zero emission mobility.

Nissan says it has sold almost 800 electric vehicles to taxi owners and operators across Europe.

In January this year, six of the largest and longest-established Nissan taxi fleets the UK surpassed three million miles between them, which is estimated to have saved the firms a collective £290,000 in average running costs.

Gareth Dunsmore, head of electric vehicles for Nissan Europe, said: "Cities across the globe are facing huge challenges in terms of poor air quality and increasing greenhouse emissions. Adding zero emission vehicles such as the Nissan LEAF to taxi services operating in major cities is a vital step to tackling these challenges head on."

The Nissan LEAF is the best-selling EV in the world with more than 220,000 units sold globally. The new LEAF 30 kWh offers a range of up to 155 miles on a single charge, making it an ideal taxi vehicle and in addition to its zero emission benefits offers running costs four times cheaper than that of a conventional combustion engine and up to 40 per cent savings in maintenance costs.


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