Truck training for

forces vets

RHA chief Richard Burnett announces Road to Logisitics scheme

IN a pioneering initiative Britain's hauliers have joined with partners to help ex-service veterans who have hit hard times by training them up to drive trucks.

The Road Haulage Association has teamed up with telematics organisation Microlise to launch the Road To Logistics programme which will operate to support the armed forces charity Care After Combat, championed by comedian Jim Davidson.

Road Haulage Association, chief executive Richard Burnett, speaking at the Microlise Transport Conference, said: "Those who have served us in the forces deserve our help if things don't work out when they leave.

"The charity Care After Combat, helps a significant number of ex-service personnel who end up homeless, have health issues or fall foul of the law.

"The RHA, together with telematics experts Microlise, can help Care After Combat give these vulnerable heroes a career by setting them up with a job as a truck driver.

"This new initiative, Road to Logistics, will help address the chronic shortage of truck drivers in the UK currently estimated to be 45,000.

"Microlise will create the training academies, and we, through our membership, have the jobs. By working together, we can make sure that Road to Logistics helps three organisations achieve their goals."

Before the training begins candidates will be rigorously assessed for their suitability, including a thorough medical examination. Those that pass will have to sign up to a strict Road to Logistics code of conduct.

The code will cover all aspects of their behaviour and professionalism and will ensure that their prospective employers can be confident that they will be taking on someone in whom that confidence is well placed.


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