New Touran a tiny

turbo treat

Volkswagen Touran 2016, front
Volkswagen Touran 2016, front, action
Volkswagen Touran 2016, side
Volkswagen Touran 2016, rear
Volkswagen Touran 2016, interior
Volkswagen Touran 2016, seats
Volkswagen Touran 2016, roof storage
Volkswagen Touran 2016, adjustable cup holder
Volkswagen Touran 2016, dash top storage
Volkswagen Touran 2016, fold down tables
Volkswagen Touran 2016, luggage blind stowed
Volkswagen Touran 2016, maximum cargo space
Volkswagen Touran 2016, five seats
Volkswagen Touran 2016, seven seats

THE Touran has always been a trailblazer for Volkswagen and the latest version is out to prove there's an alternative to diesel engines when it comes to mile munching.

The latest Touran, launched in its third generation a few months ago, now offers the choice of two turbo petrol engines to complement three established diesels that proved so popular in the previous models.

The 1.2 and 1.4-litre petrols may sound on the small size to pull a seven seat people mover but the turbo boost leaves them in fine fettle.

And when it comes to fuel economy there is little to choose between the two fuels with the 1.2 TSI Touran we tried averaging more than 50 to the gallon without any coaxing.

That is on par with what you would expect from a diesel which not only costs more to run but also sounds harsher out on the road.

In mid-range SE trim the new Touran costs from £23,005 and the 110ps TSI engine is lively enough to give it a 0 to 60 time of 11.3 seconds with a top speed of 117mph.

For a medium sized MPV that's credible and the car is officially rated at 52.3mpg. Emissions of 126g/km result in a 22 per cent tax rate for business users.

Where the Touran has always scored is with its practical features.

Not only was it one of the first cars to come with automatic parking - a feature still present on the latest models - it also made a name for itself for being very family friendly.

It can be switched from five to seven seats in a matter of seconds and comes with loads of room inside.

Sensible features such as sliding middle row seats, a removable luggage blind that can be stored under the boot floor and large, dropdown storage compartments in the roof make all the difference for a family on the move.

On the road the Touran is comfortable, rides well and although nothing exciting does the job with absolute satisfaction.

Stop/start, an auto hold function for the electronic parking brake and even adjustable cup holders in the front that can grip a variety of container sizes all add up to make the Touran a very sensible vehicle.

Sat nav with a 6.5-inch touchscreen including full connectivity that can be used online for various purposes such as looking up fuel prices in the vicinity or parking information nearby is an £810 extra and so was a system which uses the hi-fi speakers to amplify voices allowing for clear conversation in what is a large cabin.

The latest Touran - which sits on the same MQB platform that VW uses on the Golf - remains as well thought out as any of the earlier models and since its first appearance back in 2001 the Touran has matured and is now almost the daddy among medium MPVs.

Few can match its practical features which now comprise no less than 47 onboard storage zones, picnic tables on the back of the front seats and a massive boot of van-like proportions ranging from 917 to 1,875 litres.

As an all rounder it lacks little and with the 1.2-litre petrol version costing some £1,600 less than the cheapest diesel, the new breed of tiny turbo Tourans are a treat in store for those considering a switch back to petrol power.

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