New Skoda Kodiaq

'bears' all

Skoda Kodiaq, front, sketch
Skoda Kodiaq, rear, sketch

SKODA'S new SUV the Kodiaq is due to hit UK streets later this year and the Czech brand has released sketches that highlight exactly how appealing the newcomer will prove.

Design chief Jozef Kaban is the man behind the stylish looks, set off with a highly recessed shoulder line, sculptured rear section and long wheelbase.

Flat, raked headlights are positioned on both sides of a wide grille, their appearance paying homage to traditional Czech crystal glass art.

Skoda says the Kodiaq, named after the 3,500 Kodiak bears that live on a remote island off the southern coast of Alaska, will be available with two extra seats in the third row as an optional extra.

Otherwise the SUV will have the largest boot in its area of the new car market.

Kaban said: "The Skoda Kodiaq is a pioneer for our brand in two respects. We are entering a new segment with our first large SUV above the Yeti.

"And at the same time, the Kodiaq is the first model with the new Skoda SUV design language. It is powerful and emotive, but also timeless."


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