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Audi Q2, front, action
Audi Q2, side
Audi Q2, front, static
Audi Q2, rear, static
Audi Q2, rear, action
Audi Q2, interior
Audi Q2, dashboard
Audi Q2, console
Audi Q2, rear seats
Audi Q2, front seats
Audi Q2, door trim
Audi Q2, boot

ANOTHER Audi blockbuster is on the way as the German brand enters the crossover market with its new Q2 baby SUV.

It's Audi's first crack at a compact sports utility vehicle and the Q2 hits the mark in every department.

It looks the part, drives impressively, is practical and comes loaded with up to the minute technology.

And that's the bit that counts especially with young car buyers who demand the ability to use every aspect of their multi-media devices on the move.

So Audi has fitted out the new Q2 with the possibility of not one but three information displays, a hook up to put all your smartphone features into the car's systems and a wireless charging point to keep everything powered up.

With an optional head up display and Audi's ‘virtual cockpit' that replaces the conventional instrument panel with a 12.3-inch multi-mode high definition screen, the driver's view becomes a full colour blast of information - and that's in addition to the standard display screen in the centre of the dash.

Each can be configured individually allowing the driver to choose what is most convenient and relevant. For example the sat nav map can be shown on the instrument panel, your phone apps on the central screen and the vehicle's speed and turn-by-turn instructions appear in line of sight on the HUD.

The Q2 interior is bang on trend and on top of the technology it can be personalised to the hilt. There are different colours available for the trims and door pulls, variable hues of ambient lighting at night and sports-style seats that would not be out of place in a super car.

The Q2 will be arriving in November and as Audi's first crossover it will be taking on a whole gamut of models ranging from the likes of the Nissan Juke, the Kia Soul and MINI Countryman up to cars such as the BMW X1 and Mercedes GLA.

It's priced from £20,230 and that's for a Q2 powered by the new three cylinder 1.0-litre turbocharged TFSI petrol engine.

Other engines in the line up are a 1.4-litre petrol with fuel-saving ‘cylinder on demand' technology and two diesels, a 1.6 developing 115ps and a 2.0-litre with 150ps which will power the all-wheel-drive, range topping quattros.

Those are priced from £28,360 but as with any Audi there are plenty of extras to be had and you can expect to add around £5,000 to the price if you want to splash out on the high tech features, a Bang & Olufsen sound system, some added personal touches or a power operated tailgate .

We have just tried out all the engines - including the 190ps 2.0-litre turbo quattro which will be added to the range next year - and none fail to impress.

While Audi still has to ratify performance data for all but the 1.4-litre version - which is rated at 8.5 seconds 0 to 60 with a 131mph maximum and fuel economy of 54.3mpg with emissions of 119g/km - all were lively and responsive and over similar routes showed good economy.

The diesels averaged high 40s and so did the high powered quattro while the most fun was from the 1.0-litre version. The engine develops 116ps and it has a real zest for life on the road - although it did prove the thirstiest showing an average fuel return of 38mpg on the onboard trip computer.

On the road the Q2 is as refined to drive as any other Audi and that puts it a step up in this sector while Audi's progressive power steering makes it easy to handle at all speeds.

Seven speed dual clutch transmissions are standard on the higher powered diesels and are also available on all but the 1.0-litre engine, priced from £23,930.

Not only do they come with paddle shifters for rapid-fire manual changes they also offer a semi-autonomous drive mode for use in slow-speed traffic on models fitted with automatic cruise control.

At 13ft 7ins long the Q2 may be only slightly bigger than Audi's A1 hatch but it can be fitted out to the same luxury specification as any of the brand's larger models and that is going to give it a real edge in the market.

Cabin space is good front and back and the boot ranges from 405 to 1,050 litres and although the quattro versions have slightly less luggage space it's a well proportioned family motor with stand out looks.

It's the fourth member of Audi's Q-car SUV line up and while the smallest by some margin the Q2 is without doubt the most aggressively styled.

Audi has ditched its conservative curves and gone for angles front, side and rear which give the Q2 a rugged persona.

Factor in some classy colours such as bright yellow, orange and blue and the Q2 has everything going for it. If ever a car had absolute appeal to satisfy the current crossover craze then this is it.


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