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Renault Kadjar, front
Renault Kadjar, front
Renault Kadjar, side
Renault Kadjar, rear
Renault Kadjar, interior
Renault Kadjar, boot

IT might look very like the Nissan Qashqai and does share much of the same running gear but, make no mistake, the Renault Kadjar is much more a Renault than a Nissan.

It's a result of the long standing collaboration between the two companies but uses the best from both, to produce a svelte and sleek crossover that looks more like a larger Captur than anything else - and unmistakably a Renault.

I have just been trying out what's likely to be the main seller - the 1.5 turbo diesel used in so many cars across the range - and, while it doesn't have the most exciting performance, it's very good in every other way.

Of course, it looks like a 4x4 but in common with so many of the latest crossovers it is only front wheel drive.

Now there's nothing wrong with that, as long as you don't actually need all wheel drive traction for field or towing or winter work - and let's face it, most of us don't.

The Volkswagen Tiguan,Mazda CX-5and Ford Kuga are mostly exactly the same, giving us the height, feel and excellent view of a 4x4, without the extra expense of buying and running one.

The Kadjar is available with all wheel drive but only in the top spec - 1.6DCi diesel - and that's a lot more expensive than the car I drove.

That drives beautifully with a very smooth engine that's willing and feels as though it gives better acceleration than it actually does.

The whole car is very quiet on the move too, well insulated from both the road and the passing air.

It drives through a six-speed gearbox with an easy change and a good clutch and the brakes are excellent.

It's also very comfortable over all surfaces, rolling over the worst of lumps and bumps without a murmer, and it clings on very well through the corners, albeit with a little roll as you might expect.

The engine and gearbox combination gives an almost unbelievable 74mpg government consumption, which equates to real driving of 55mpg if you take care with the right foot. For something this size, that is exceptional - especially when it also manages just 99g/km of carbon dioxide.

Despite the sleek shape there's plenty of room inside, with good rear legroom and a big boot.



Mechanical:110bhp, 1,461cc, 4cyl diesel engine driving front wheels via 6-speed manual gearbox

Max Speed:113mph

0-62mph:11.8 seconds

Combined MPG:74

Insurance Group:14

C02 emissions:99g/km

Bik rating:19%

Warranty:4yrs/100,000 miles


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