Citroen reveals a

new experience

Citroen CXPERIENCE Concept, side
Citroen CXPERIENCE Concept, front
Citroen CXPERIENCE Concept, rear
Citroen CXPERIENCE Concept, interior

A FUTURISTIC take on executive motoring will be revealed by Citroen at its home motor show in Paris at the end of September.

The CXPERIENCE concept car is a plug-in hybrid which makes the most out of the latest technology inside and out.

It also marks the debut of what Citroen is calling its Advanced Comfort programme which is designed to filter out almost all external noise and road undulations for a serene drive.

The concept car will be revealed on September 29at the start of this year's Paris Motor Show - Europe's top motoring event in 2016.

At 4.85 metres in length and two metres wide the CXPERIENCE is longer but narrower than the likes of a BMW 3 Series yet with a low roof line, short front and rear overhangs and a wheelbase of three metres it looks stylish and purposeful.

Its sleek design makes the most out of the windows which include concave glass in the tailgate to help aerodynamics.

While much of the vehicle is pure concept - such as the vertical lift rear doors - the nose gives a clue to the next generation Citroens with a narrow grille and double layered LED headlamps. The tail lamps are also state of the art and use laser fibre optics.

Other innovations include cooling flaps in the front apron which open and close at speed to minimise drag and a moveable fin mounted on the tailgate.

More tangible features are Citroen's first petrol-electric plug-in hybrid powertrain and advanced connectivity.

Starting the car, controlling the air conditioning or adjusting the seats can be done from a smartphone or tablet.

The plug-in set up mates a petrol engine with an 80KW electric motor through an eight-speed automatic transmission and together they produce 300 horsepower. It can run for 37.5 miles purely on battery power - more zero emission range than the current crop of most PHEVs.

Recharging takes 4.5 hours from a standard power point - 2.5 hours from a quick charger.

Citroen was the pioneer of smooth running with its hydropneumatic suspension first introduced in the 1950s and the CXPERIENCE brings that right up to date with a system that ‘cocoons' the cabin from noise and road surfaces. Citroen describes it as a hydraulic cushion.

Inside, the instrument panel features a large 19-inch touchscreen with a split-display function and while the use of cameras in place of the rear view mirrors is still some way off the car is fitted with Citroen's ConnectedCAM wide-view dashcam system which will be introduced on the new C3 later this year.

Linda Jackson, Citroen's chief executive, said the concept was part of the company's ‘Be Different, Feel Good' goal for its future models.

"The Citroen CXPERIENCE CONCEPT car challenges convention to express a new vision of executive hatchbacks," she said


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