Lowest mileage MG in

the world?

2004 MG Rover ZT Turbo  front
2004 MG Rover ZT Turbo rear

A 2004 MG ZT 1.8 Turbo, with an unbelievable three miles on the clock is set to go under the hammer at a classic car auction later this month.

The car is exactly as it left the factory and its owner, who bought it for half price following the collapse of MG Rover, believes that it's the best condition and lowest mileage MG Rover in the world.

It will be auctioned at Classic Car Auction's sale on September 24 at the Warwickshire Exhibition Centre where it is expected to fetch between £8,500 and £10,500.

The current and only owner purchased the car from a Derby based dealer who was selling off the cars in 2005. It was then delivered to his farm just outside Silverstone race circuit with only one mile on the clock.

The car was immediately placed into storage, initially in a heated garage, subsequently in a Carcoon and latterly in a Car Bag. Amazingly, the owner has driven the car just two miles along the driveway, meaning the mileage now reads only three miles.

Finished in British Racing Green, it is in immaculate condition and exactly as it left the Longbridge factory. It still has the original ContiSport tyres and even the same fuel that was put in the tank all those years ago. The 1.8 litre turbocharged Rover K-Series engine is gleaming.

The high spec interior, so well preserved there's still a new car smell, features half leather seats, green alcantara door lining, air conditioning and CD player.


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