Seaside still the

tops for kids

Children enjoying in-car entertainment

THE choice of holidays these days is tremendous, but what do kids really like?

The youngsters of today may be the most tech-savvy generation, but when it comes to their perfect holiday, nothing beats the traditional bucket and spade summer getaway.

A survey from car rental company Europcar reveals that 62 per cent of children aged six to 12 prefer a beach holiday.

"It's comforting to see that today's gadget whizz kids still like the simple things in life," said Robert Shaw, operations director for Europcar UK.

"We asked kids to plan their perfect summer holiday and they plumped for two weeks by the seaside with £40 pocket money."

Europcar's survey shows that a beach holiday is still top for kids, with 62 per cent voting the seaside as their favourite summer destination.

Just 21 per cent would like an adventure holiday and only five per cent want to go on a city break. Interestingly, 12 per cent would like to go caravanning, and the ideal trip is less than two hours away from home.

And when it comes to spending money, the average child thinks they should be given around £40 for their two-weeks by the sea. Even 12 year-olds only expected an average of £41.75, whilst seven-year-olds wanted £33.38.

Mr Shaw added: "It seems, from our research, that kids don't expect fancy foreign getaways or even a week at a theme park. They are perfectly happy with a two-week seaside break and £40, which is enough for an ice-cream each day and a small souvenir.

"With the average child preferring a two-hour car journey, parents won't have to do too much to keep everyone quiet on the back seat. Among the must have holiday items for kids, the tablet computer comes top for 60 per cent of children and the cuddly toy comes in second with 29 per cent.

"We'd advise families to charge their tablets and smartphones before they set off and make sure the kids have games and films to keep them occupied," said Mr Shaw. "Audio books are another great way to take everyone's mind off the journey, ensuring families start and end their holiday in a good mood."

An interesting finding proving that as far as children go, traditional fun reigns supreme.


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