Suzuki brings back


Suzuki Ignis 2017

SUZUKI has revived its Ignis badge with a new and technically advanced small off-roader which has been unveiled at the Paris Motor Show ahead of its launch in Europe next January.

Competing in the compact SUV segment, it may be small but it comes with four wheel drive, a host of electronic safety aids and a new hybrid drive system.

A 1.2 litre petrol engine combines with what the company calls a mild hybrid system which features an integrated power generator and electric motor and a lithium-ion battery pack.

There will be a choice of five speed manual or automated transmissions linked to Suzuki's viscous coupling four-wheel drive system which automatically distributes drive torque to the front and rear wheels when it detects the front wheel losing its grip of the road.

Amongst the new Ignis' advanced safety features are stereo cameras which function like human eyes, detecting lane markings as well as objects ahead and their distance away. Based on the size and shape of the object, the cameras can determine whether it is a pedestrian or another vehicle.

The cameras are used to trigger automatic braking when vehicles or pedestrians are detected, lane departure and weaving alerts.


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