TomTom maps out

festive route

TomTom Go

SAT NAV specialist TomTom is hoping 2017 will be the year everyone arrives on time.

Its latest device plans intelligent routes that help escape traffic with real-time information - with the bonus of hands-free calling built-in for safer driving. It is priced from £139.99.

Adventurous motorcyclists can also enjoy the biker life more easily courtesy of the new TomTom Rider 140 satnav, which lets riders select an area and the TomTom will suggest the most exciting round trip.

Bikers can also turn it up a notch by selecting the "winding roads" feature to choose the maximum level of twists and turns.

They can share touring adventures with friends and the ‘Great Rides' edition comes with 100 of Europe's most thrilling routes already pre-installed. It costs from £279.99 at local motorbike dealers.

For the scooter rider the focus is on the road when riding, rather than the route and the funky new TomTom VIO satnav comes in six different colours with a glove-friendly waterproof design and lifetime speed camera and traffic information.

The safest way to get from A to B on your scooter is priced from £149.99 from Halfords and Amazon.

The latest range of TomTom Go satnavs comes with WiFi and also includes the latest maps, live traffic information, speed cameras and quarterly map updates.

Smartphone notifications let you stay connected, safely, and it also reads out your messages, tells you who's calling and interacts with Siri and Google Now.It costs from £209.99.

By plugging directly into the car and connecting wirelessly to a smartphone, the TomTom Curfershows all your manoeuvres, from acceleration and G-force to cornering and braking.

The device helps improve your driving and save money on fuel and maintenance - and evens tells you where you parked the car. Price is £59.99 from


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