Citroen C3 - the

‘cam do' car

Citroen C3, 2017, viewed from ConnectedCAM
Citroen C3, 2017, ConnectedCAM
Citroen C3, 2017, front, action
Citroen C3, 2017, rear, action
Citroen C3, 2017, front, static
Citroen C3, 2017, rear, static
Citroen C3, 2017, overhead, static
Citroen C3, 2017, pair, static
Citroen C3, 2017, rear seats
Citroen C3, 2017, interior, brown
Citroen C3, 2017, interior, red
Citroen C3, 2017, Airbump
Citroen C3, 2017, boot
Citroen C3, 2017, PureTech, badge
Citroen C3, 2017, PureTech engine

A CAR that makes movies on the move is the latest offering from Citroen.

The new C3 hatchback will be arriving in January and gives drivers the chance to share their journey in real time via social media.

It is the first car on the market to come with a factory fitted dashcam, standard on top grade models, and makes the new C3 a car with a difference - in more ways than one.

Citroen is also making its new baby available with Airbump protectors on the sides of the doors and packing in plenty of personalisation choices including two-tone paint jobs.

It makes the new C3 a car that's right on trend and one which will appeal to motorists young and old.

Priced from £10,995 the C3 comes with a choice of three petrol and two diesel engines taking prices up to £17,095.

The ConnectedCAM is on all top specification Flair trim models and is a £380 option on mid-grade Feel trim.

Fitted on the windscreen behind the rear view mirror it is a wide angle HD camera system with a 128 gigabyte memory.

In an emergency it can capture and store images 20 seconds before and 60 seconds after an incident but it can also be used to take snapshots or videos along the route.

Via a downloadable App the images can be shared instantly across the likes of Twitter or Facebook bringing a new dimension to connectivity on the move.

On the safety front the dashcam is a valuable aid and has helped the C3 Feel achieve an insurance grouping of 10.

Its NCAP rating is still to be determined but the car is well kitted with technology including lane departure warning, blind spot monitors and a reversing camera.

Fresh faced and very modern in styling the C3 has a distinctive look - much more angular than the previous two generations and more akin to a baby SUV.

Wheel arch protectors and the Airbumps are stand out features but those who don't want their cars ‘bubble wrapped' can order ones without the protectors at no extra cost.

The most popular version in the 11 model line up is likely to be the 82bhp 1.2-litre three cylinder PureTech petrol model which Citroen claims to be good for 60.1mpg with emissions of 109g/km.

We tried out that engine in a Flair grade C3 priced from £13,745.

Turbo charged for extra urge it proved an adequate performer with a 0 to 60 acceleration of 13 seconds and a maximum of 104mph.

It deals with everyday motoring without issue although needs to be worked through the gears on steep slopes.

It's a five speed manual and fitted with hill start assist and stop/start to help economy. As such we saw an average of 47 to the gallon.

Inside, the new C3 is smart and accommodating with almost an inch more legroom in the rear than the previous model making it much more family oriented.

Boot space is 300 litres which is slightly more than the top selling Ford Fiesta and with folding rear seats that extends to 922 litres.

As with other Citroens most functions such as air conditioning and onboard entertainment are controlled from a seven-inch tablet-style touchscreen in the centre of the dash which reduces the switch count on the facia.

Sat nav is an extra at this level costing £500 and so is the blind spot warning system at £100.

Different coloured trim inserts - red, grey or brown - are available for the dashboard and a contrasting white, black or red finish for the roof are no cost options.

Overall it is smart warm and friendly and for a little car the new C3 is big on style, daring to be different as only a Citroen can.


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