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Kia Sedona, front
Kia Sedona, side
Kia Sedona, rear
Kia Sedona, interior

KIA'S Sedona people carrier is huge - but it doesn't feel unwieldy to drive.

Few people carriers are good looking - that's not what they are about - and the big Kia is no exception.

But it is excellent value and has a bigger than average interior, a high level of standard kit and the big plus of rear sliding doors, which make access much easier in tight car park spaces.

Seven seats come as standard and with them all in place, there is a better than average amount of luggage room - albeit not enough for seven people.

A 2.7 petrol V6 was available, but sold in very small numbers with just 26mpg economy at best. Most popular were the 2.9 or later 2.2-litre turbo diesels that are better than the petrol in every way.

They are more relaxed to drive, with better pulling power from low revs to give good acceleration in the gears.

There's a little turbo lag with the 2.9, but the 2.2 is my favourite, because its better all round and even has more power. It also brings better economy and lower emissions.

The 2.9s have a five-speed manual or automatic gearbox, while the 2.2 has a six-speed.

Despite their size, Sedonas are not daunting to drive and a vertical rear end together with a very good turning circle mean that parking and manoeuvering are reasonably easy.

Body roll is well controlled in the corners and good grip means they can be pushed along when traffic and roads allow.

Comfort is also pretty good overall, so long distances can be accomplished fairly easily - allowing for the shouts of ‘are we nearly there yet' from the back.

There's loads of headroom throughout, and more space than most other large people carriers, with a flat floor throughout.

From January 2010, Kia introduced its excellent seven year warranty, which transfers from one owner to another, but reliability is rated good in the trade in any case.

Earlier models had seats in a 2-2-3 pattern but later this was changed to 2-3-2.

Equipment in the mid-range ‘2' includes climate, driver's lumbar support, audio remote, parking sensors, heated mirrors and alloy wheels.

Pay about £6,700 for a '12 12-reg Sedona ‘1' with a 2.2 diesel engine or £10,750 for a '14 14-reg ‘3'.


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