Renault to reveal

new Captur

Renault Captur, 2017, front
Renault Captur, 2017, overhead
Renault Captur, 2017, rear

RENAULT is to unveil a new Captur crossover at the Geneva Motor Show with the model featuring an upgraded design, inside and out, and the arrival of new equipment.

The Captur is the top-selling baby crossover in Europe and Renault says it intends to retain its leadership with the latest model.

As with the brand's latest models, the new Captur can be equipped with full LED headlight which sharpens the car's looks and improves safety while providing greater energy efficiency.

LED daytime running lights are built into the lower bumper in a C shape, forming the brand's light signature.

The new Captur's grille has been restyled to resemble that of Renault's other crossovers such as the larger Kadjar and now features a chrome surround.

Another new feature is skid plates below the bumpers while higher specification models will be available with a fixed glass roof.

The new Captur retains a two-tone body colour option and the line up will include two new body colours - desert orange and ocean blue

There's also a new roof colour, mercury silver, and in all there are 36 different paint combinations for the new Captur.

The car will be revealed in Geneva next Tuesday at the start of the annual Swiss motor show and is due for general release during the summer.


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