E-power to the

people carrier

Citroen E-Berlingo
Citroen E-Berlingo front threequarter
Citroen E-Berlingo side
Citroen E-Berlingo rear threequarter
Citroen E-Berlingo rear seat and boot
Citroen E-Berlingo loading
Citroen E-Berlingo charging point

JUST A month after sister company Peugeot revealed an all-electric version of the Partner Teepee, Citroen is joining the drive to bring electric power to the people carrier with the launch of the E-Berlingo Multispace - essentially the same car with a different badge and front-end styling.

Like the Teepee, the E-Berlingo Multispace is powered by a compact and high-performance permanent magnet synchronous motor, fed by lithium-ion battery packs which are positioned in the sub-frame either side of the rear axle.

The layout means that cabin space and boot volume are unaffected by the adoption of an electric drivetrain with boot capacity amongst the best in class at 675 litres with five people on-board, increasing to 3,000 litres with the second row of seats folded away. The rear seats can also be removed completely to create a fully flat load area.

The E-Berlingo has a maximum range of 106 miles - sufficient for most needs, according to its makers, with the majority of European motorists driving less than 60 miles each day.

It can be re-charged to 50 per cent of its total range in 15 minutes or to 80 per cent capacity in half an hour from a dedicated rapid charge point. Standard charge time is 8 hours or 10 hours from a domestic 3-pin socket. The motor also provides regenerative braking when the vehicle is slowing down, helping to re-charge the batteries and reduce brake wear.

The E-Berlingo will come with a number of user-friendly features and functions, including a facility that allows the driver to pre-heat or cool the interior prior to boarding and to remotely check the car's battery charge level - all from a smartphone..

There's also an innovative eco-driving assistance programme, which helps the driver adopt the most economical driving style to optimise range. Meanwhile the navigation system not only displays speed limits and traffic information but also charging points that can be reached by the vehicle based on the remaining range.

Other equipment available when the E-Berlingo goes on sale in the UK in the autumn will be air conditioning, parking sensors, speed limiter, tyre pressure monitoring, electronic stability control (ESC) combined with Hill-Start Assist and a seven-inch touchscreen.


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