Drivers do the

strangest things

Female driver

DO you breathe in when driving through narrow gaps?

Sounds daft, but an amazing 14 per cent of 2,000 drivers questioned do. spoke to canvassed the drivers to find out the most bizarre, funniest and downright strange things that the nation's drivers get up to.

Drivers under 34 years were the most likely to give their cars a name with a quarter (27%) of 18-34 year olds, compared to only 13% on average. Of those that give their car a name, 23% believe their car to be male, and 36% consider it female.

When asked what funny things they do when driving, 14% of drivers admitted to breathing in when driving through narrow spaces, rising to 21% of women compared with 8% of men, and one in ten (10%) duck when driving under a bridge or something with a height restriction.

When it comes to driving mistakes, one in ten drivers (10%) have driven through flood water without realising how deep it was, rising to 16% of under 35s, and 11% have driven off with something on the roof of their car, with this happening to almost one in five (18%) over 75s.

Ben Wooltorton, director of - which specialises in gap insurance for motorists waiting for a claim to be settled - said: "I always duck when I drive under a low bridge and I did almost drive off with the baby's seat on the roof once (thankfully the baby was in the car) so it's reassuring to know that I'm not alone. It seems that many people do things when driving that aren't necessarily logical, but just seem to happen."

Yes, it is true we all do it sometimes. My claim to fame is driving off and leaving my grandson's pushchair on a seaside promenade (grandson was in the car) and trying to exit an airfield and ending up on the runway.

All so easy to do, and with hindsight rather funny.


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