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Suzuki Swift 2013, front
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Suzuki Swift 2013 front
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THE Suzuki Swift has won numerous accolades over the years and was even named as supermini of the year by a couple of automotive magazines.

It is one of the best superminis you can buy with a wide range of top-notch abilities and no drawbacks.

They have smooth and delightfully willing engines, excellent road holding and very safe handling, and when you put all these together you have a car that's a joy to drive.

In the last but one model built between 2010 and 2017 petrol engines are a 1.2 with 92bhp and in, the excellent Sport, a brilliant 1.6 with 134bhp.

There was also a diesel 1.3 with 73bhp, capable of 67mpg. However, the 1.2 petrol is far more perky and still manages 56mpg, so it has found many more buyers.

Very unusually for a supermini the higher spec SZ3 and SZ4 petrol models were also available with four wheel drive, where the front wheels are driven normally and the rears are brought into play automatically when slipping is detected.

The base 1.2 petrol Swift is good fun with a willing nature and a sweet sound along with its very good economy. As well as a five-speed manual gearbox, it's also available with a four speed automatic that is still economical, if not as quick.

Enthusiasts like me who still love their driving will really enjoy the Sport, which is a mini firecracker that is still quite civilised and easy to live with.

All are easy to manage in tight parking spaces thanks to light yet informative power steering and refinement is excellent - a world away from some other small cars in the class.

Comfort is good over long distances and they also score well on safety, with a five star Euro NCAP rating.

The level of equipment is good as standard and the chunky good looks don't seem to date.

When I have to replace my wife's Honda Jazz, I will be looking for one of these.

The interior has a high quality feel in the plastics and switchgear and the seats are comfortable and supportive, with decent adjustment.

With tall people up front, space in the rear is not the best, reducing it to a three seater for adults, but there's enough space for two little ones in child seats.

Don't forget though, if you have young children never buy a three door car. It's a recipe for backache or even injury trying to get them in those seats.

Mid-range SZ3 models come with heated electric mirrors, aircon, traction control, split fold rear seats, remote locking, audio remote controls and alloys.

Pay about £3,200 for a 2011 11-reg SZ2 three door Swift or £6,450 for a 2015 SZ4 with five doors.


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