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ALL people carriers major on practicality and space but the first medium sized one was the Renault Scenic.

Like most of the others it is very easy and car-like to drive and the vertical rear helps tremendously with parking.

Both early and later models are easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces, with a tight turning circle, and they all have a very good ride.

There are two models to choose from, depending on how much space you need.

The standard Scenic has five seats and a large boot, while the Grand Scenic has a longer body to give seven seats - but with all of them in use, luggage space is limited.

The model built between 2009 and 2016 had a very wide range of petrol and diesel engines and they're all pretty smooth and quiet.

Diesels range up from the well-known 1.5 dCi with 84, 106 or 110bhp, through a 1.6 and earlier 1.9 with 130bhp to a 2.0-litre with 150 or 160bhp.

Earlier petrols were 1.6 and 2.0-litres, with 108 and 140bhp but later models have a 1.2 turbo with 115 or 130 and a 1.4 turbo with 130bhp.

All but the 84bhp 1.5 dCi have reasonable or good power for the weight and probably the best buy would be the 106 or 110bhp versions of the same engine - which is also likely to be the most numerous secondhand.

Diesel economy ranges from 51 to 68mpg and the petrols will average 34 to 47mpg on the unattainable government rating.

Incidentally, if you're looking for a quick real average figure in day to day driving for any car, I've found that the government urban figure is rarely far out.

The used market seems to prefer the bigger space of the Grand Scenic, but the five seater still has much to recommend it including easy access, loads of space and extra practicality over a conventional hatchback.

Petrol models are cheaper because the diesels are more sought after, but weigh up whether it is worth you spending the difference if you're not going to cover many miles.

Many diesels will have covered longer mileage for the same year.

A family I know who don't do many miles picked up an older two owner petrol Scenic recently for under £1,500 - and it drives like new.

Scenics hold the road well and handle with great safety despite quite soft suspension. There's huge space both for legs and luggage and the three or five individual rear seats slide and tip separately.

The high seating position gives a great view for adults and children, keeping little ones much happier over longer trips than in some other cars.

Equipment even in the lower order cars includes height and reach adjust steering, height adjustable driver's seat, air con, traction control, alarm and four electric windows.

They also have remote locking, electric mirrors and audio remote controls, while further up the range, Limited models have sat nav, alloys, parking sensors and cruise control.

Pay about £6,350 for a '13 13-reg Scenic 1.5 dCiExpression, or £9,850 for a '15 15-reg Limited.


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