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THE march of technological gadgets in everyday motoring is proceeding apace.

Years ago it would have been unheard of to have cameras mounted to monitor what goes on through the windscreen. Indeed, the technology that provides it today would have been treated as ludicrous in a time when a car radio was considered adventurous, never mind sat nav.

But the dashcam concept is now taken a step further by Nissan which has unveiled its latest innovation for drivers with a sense of adventure.

Called JukeCam, it's the world's first integrated multipurpose 360-degree dashcam that transforms in seconds to an action sports camera.

Two bespoke mounts - one integrated into the dashboard of a Nissan Juke crossover, and another that can be attached to a helmet - mean that JukeCam is perfect for filming every aspect of the driver's life.

That could be life on the road, where dashboard cameras can help reduce insurance premiums and settle claims. Or it could be life on the slopes, in the air, down mountain trails or on any other adventure where a first-person action camera is part of the kit list.

Nissan JukeCam is a technology concept that's been developed in conjunction with 360fly, a manufacturer of 360-degree surround-view cameras.

JukeCam is showcased by Xpogo in new Guinness World Records attempt where its dual-purpose capability is showcased in a new video - shot in 4K quality - starring members of Xpogo, an extreme pogo team.

During filming, stunt performer Dalton Smith jumped over three Nissan Jukes in a row with just one bounce between them. That set a new Guinness World Records title for Most Consecutive Cars Jumped Over on a Pogo Stick.


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