Tyred of waiting

WE have all been there. Sitting in the waiting room of a tyre fitting bay waiting for our vehicle to be shod.

But I wonder how much of our lives are spend in such places leafing through thumbed and out of date celebrity magazines?

The wonderful world of statistics has just thrown some light on the matter thanks to research by AA Tyres.

It appears that UK drivers who got their tyres changed last year spent an average of an hour and ten minutes in garages doing so.

Over the course of a lifetime, this means the average UK driver will spend around 76 hours waiting for tyres to be fitted - the equivalent of driving non-stop from London to Dubai.

More than one in ten (11 per cent) were less fortunate, spending between two and five hours having their tyres replaced. Over one per cent - or around 310,000 drivers - spent the equivalent of nearly a working day having new wheels fitted.

An AA-Populus poll of over 16,000 drivers found that two thirds (65%) of drivers went to a garage to get their tyres changed in the last twelve months. Alternatively, around 620,000 drivers used mobile tyre fitting services.

Mark Shankland, managing director of AA Tyres, said: "Brits are increasingly used to getting access to services at the click of a button - from food delivery to instant car hire, companies have continued to spring up to service the instant needs of the Uber generation.

"That's why the whole process of servicing your car feels so out of step with the way the world is moving.

"An hour a year to have your tyres changed doesn't sound like much, but when you add on the time it takes for an annual MOT check and any other miscellaneous services you might need, you're looking at booking a day off work - or a day of your leisure time - every year purely for vehicle maintenance. That's before you even consider the time it takes to get to and from the garage.

"Britain's roads may well be making the situation worse - a third of AA members have suffered damage from potholes in the last two years, which is likely driving up the amount of time Brits are spending on visits to the garage.

"For the time-poor there are now services to take care of the less riveting aspects of car maintenance, and can do so at your time and convenience - meaning that a routine car service or tyre change doesn't have to be overly onerous."


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