Jaguar XJ8 - Used

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Jaguar XJ, 2008, interior

IF you, like me, have always fancied a Jaguar, now could be the time to hunt down that bargain.

The sumptuous luxury of the XJ8 can now be yours for around £8,000 or even less, with realistic mileage on the clock, and full service history.

That is a MUST of course, with any car this complicated. You have to be sure that everything has been done to keep it running perfectly.

But owning one makes life worthwhile. This is a car that makes an occasion of every journey in a way that few German products can dream of.

Go on - it's time to spoil yourself! I have a good friend who has one of these marvellous machines - a V8 from 2007 - and he revels in it!

He drives a small diesel hatch all week, but the Jag comes out every weekend, even if it's only to head down to the supermarket!

And it takes him and his wife for a grand tour around some part of Europe every spring or summer, attracting admiring crowds wherever he parks.

From launch in 2003, a 3 litre 240bhp V6 was the starting point of the range and the lighter aluminium body means these are capable of a real 25 miles per gallon.

The marvellous V8s start with a 3.5 litre which has 262bhp, and then rise to the 4.2 litre with 300, or supercharged with 400.

Latterly in the model's life, there was also a version of the excellent Land Rover 2.7 litre V6 turbo diesel, which is very smooth and quite powerful enough for decent performance, giving economy of 37mpg.

All drive the rear wheels through a six speed automatic gearbox that's as smooth and silky changing as anyone could wish.

Effortless performance is standard, the handling, roadholding and brakes are superb and the ride is simply sublime - better than almost anything on the road.

The cabin is a leather trimmed cocoon which not only looks and feels superb, but is also functional and well-designed.

As well as the wonderful leather, all have climate control, cruise control and beautiful wood veneer trim.

Long wheelbase models have more rear legroom, but drive just as beautifully as the normal length cars. Equipment is excellent and for the price, the ambiance is unsurpassed.

Pay about £8,400 for an '08 08-reg Executive TDVi, or £9,000 for an '09 58-reg 4.2 V8 Sovereign.


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