Dust off new Dacia


Dacia Duster, 2017, front
Dacia Duster, 2017, interior

RENAULT is to reveal the latest Dacia Duster line-up, with comes with a completely redesigned interior, new equipment and other new features at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show

More than one million Dusters have been sold worldwide since the original's launch in 2010 and the latest offering comes with all-new styling.

At the front, the Duster's grille now extends to the headlights to make the model appear wider.

It also comes with a new lighting configuration including LED daytime running lights divided into three sections.

The crease lines of the bonnet have also been altered and the new Duster is fitted with a satin-chrome-finish skid plate which is scratch-resistant.

Another change for the latest Duster is the windscreen which has been brought forward four inches compared with the current model and is more steeply raked, making the cabin longer so it looks more spacious.

New aluminium roof bars also extend the line of the windscreen for a more dynamic profile.

Seventeen-inch wheels and prominent wheel arches with black wing arch trims highlight the car's SUV looks.

At the rear, Dacia's rear lighting styling - four red stacked squares - has now been adapted for Duster.

The latest Duster also has a completely redesigned interior and new equipment giving it a more upmarket feel.

Prices for the new model have yet to be confirmed but the Duster is known for being a value for money SUV with the current model available from less than £10,000.


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