Mitsubishi ASX 5 2.2

Diesel 4WD

Mitsubishi ASX, front, static
Mitsubishi ASX, interior
Mitsubishi ASX, 2017, rear, static
Mitsubishi ASX, 2017, front
Mitsubishi ASX, 2017, side, static
Mitsubishi ASX, 2017, side

A RAFT of changes virtually guarantee the Mitsubishi ASX will continue to be one of the sought-after mid-sized crossover SUVs.

It has always been keenly priced and while it is now slightly more expensive and still lacks some features which are becoming standard on rivals, the ASX is still a good buy with a strong pedigree.

Mitsubishi founded its UK reputation on and off road with the Shogun and its go-anywhere character has been passed onto the ASX, but with some constraints led by its ground clearance.

There are three engines as before, 117hp 1.6 petrol in front wheel drive form, 114bhp 1.6 turbo-diesel as 2WD or 4WD and 15b0hp 2.2 TD in 4WD and depending on choice of power it has five or six speed manual boxes, or an automatic. Therefore it covers most bases and buying habits.

We tried the ASX 1.6 diesel 4WD manual earlier this year so a 2.2 TD AWD was next on our schedule.

The four-cylinder turbo-diesel is a gutsy performer but it's not swift from standstill. Once on the move it picks up speed quickly and strongly and the automatic changes are smooth if not rapid.

The nature of the fuel injection and the auto-box do not give the sort of fuel returns you might expect and in fact it lagged a long way behind the economy of the 1.6 diesel.

The mechanical noises are noticeable with road rumbles coming into the cabin as well but the ASX still proved comfortable and soaked up some poor bits of road.

It did not roll about too much, dip or pitch, and its roadholding inspired confidence and control with good steering and brakes to reinforce these feelings of wellbeing.

The secondary controls were close to hand, the instruments simple and clear if not particularly big, and the heating and ventilation worked well and quietly.

I liked the oddments provision, the good-sized easy to use bootspace and access for everyone.

The driver and front passenger have wide adjustment on seats and all users will find headroom and legroom adequate.

Visibility is not clear to the back with a high waistline and thick rear pillars as well as small window but looking to side and forward you have plenty of clear glass, effective front wipers and headlights.

The 2017 makeover has really lifted the interior of the ASX to the point where I think it's possibly the best in the sector. A number of passengers commented without being asked to rate the interior.

It exudes sophistication and refinement in its looks even if it's not boasting the latest accessories or standard fit items. You can forgive it for so much because it looks so good.


Mitsubishi ASX 5 2.2 Diesel 4WD


Mechanical: 147bhp, 2,268cc, 4cyl diesel engine driving four wheels via 6-speed automatic gearbox

Max Speed: 118mph

0-62mph:10.8 seconds

Combined MPG: 48.7

Insurance Group:23

C02 emissions: 152g/km

Bik rating:30%

Warranty:5yrs/62,500 miles

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