Jaguar XJR575 the

slickest cat around

Jaguar XJR575, 2017, front, action
Jaguar XJR575, 2017, side
Jaguar XJR575, 2017, front
Jaguar XJR575, 2017, side, action
Jaguar XJR575, 2017, rear, action
Jaguar XJR575, 2017, rear
Jaguar XJR575, 2017, interior
Jaguar XJR575, 2017, kickplate
Jaguar XJR575, 2017, badge
Jaguar XJR575, 2017, boot
Jaguar XJR575, 2017, console
Jaguar XJR575, 2017, dashboard
Jaguar XJR575, 2017, rear seats
Jaguar XJR575, 2017, wheels
Jaguar XJR575, 2017, front, static

JAGUAR has launched the most powerful version its flagship XJR saloon which without doubt will have every enthusiast drooling if they can't afford the £93,710 asking price.

The new XJR575 simply looks stunning and turns in an equally stunning performance that can only further enhance the luxury British car maker's global status in the high performance luxury car league.

With breathtaking power of 567bhp oozing out of a 5.0-litre V8 supercharged engine and in a stylish four-door saloon with every conceivable high tech gadget on board the XJR575 ticks all the right boxes.

The statistics speak for themselves with an acceleration of 0 to 62mph in 4.2 seconds, top speed of 186mph yet it's able to return on average over 25mpg making it a most desirable piece of kit. Emissions are 264g/km.

It's not just the power that the V8 engine delivers to the rear wheels but it's the way that it's delivered - a dab on the accelerator pedal brings an instant response which is so quiet and refined, even in normal ‘D' mode from the eight-speed ZF automatic gearbox.

The up and down movement of the gearbox is effortless but gives the driver enough feedback to ensure that this pinacle of the XJ range is a real driver's car in every sense of the world - one to be enjoyed, whether trundling around or out on the open road.

On motorways its real sports performance comes into play. Two aspects are so evident in that the engine is so quiet yet responsive but you still have that loveable V8 warble under heavy throttle.

Its overall road going performance is outstanding and whilst most drivers will be happy to leave it in ‘D' and let the mechanics get on with their job, switch it into ‘S' mode and using the steering wheel paddles for manual gear changes and the result is even more impressive. Perhaps a better description would be scintillating.

This new XJR, which has an increase of 25bhp over the previous model, gives a firm enough ride while the driver can change the set up by using the adaptive electronic suspension.

This monitors road conditions and adjusts the dampers so quickly to change the ride but the XJR575 is such an easy car for the sports enthusiast to drive which means it can be so rewarding.

Sitting on the standard XJR wheelbase the 575 has loads of electronic driver aids onboard plus enough safety features that would even embarrass the ultra-conscious king of car safety, the Swedes at Volvo.

Among the huge list of standard equipment on board are full LED headlights, the latest 10-inch infotainment touchscreen system (it's multi-function and so easy to use too) and 4G Wi-Fi connectivity.

The quality and style of the interior is in the same vein and high standard as other XJR models, and because of what it is there's smart but subtle 575 named trim pieces everywhere.

From the outside the 575 is clearly distinguishable from the normal road going XJRs with its twin bonnet louvres, rear spoiler, front bumper and lower air intake while through the gloss black wheels are visible red brake calipers.

In terms of body colours Jaguar is offering just two - Velocity Blue or Satin Corris Grey - and it's the former which is the one to go for in my book. It is excpetional and matches the pretensions of the 575 perfectly.

Jaguar design boss Ian Callum aptly summed up: "We haven't cut any corners with this car so it does exactly was intended for in being a true sports performance saloon which is what our customers would expect from a Jaguar flagship car."

The XJR575 is up against some formidable opposition in this high octane sector, such as the Mercedes AMG S63 and the Audi S8 for starters, but in this latest guise it must still take pole poistion not just in looks but in the pure exhilaration it delivers.


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