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Voyager - Used Car


Chrysler Grand Voyager, front
Chrysler Grand Voyager, rear
Chrysler Grand Voyager, doors
Chrysler Grand Voyager, rear
Chrysler Grand Voyager, interior
Chrysler Grand Voyager, boot

THEfirst people carrier ever produced was not the Renault Espace as many people think but the Chrysler Voyager - way back in 1983.

The press of the time thought it would turn out to be a huge flop and that no-one would want it. How wrong they were.

The last Grand Voyager was produced from 2008 to 2015 and while it's not up with the best from European makers to drive, or on emissions and economy, it is one of the largest vehicles in the class.

All six or seven passengers have plenty of room, but the layout is different to most in that the middle row has two individual seats and the third row is a 60/40 split bench with three.

Models with the optional Swivel 'n Go seating get two Captain's chairs in place of the three in the second row, which are marvellously comfortable.

The rearmost seats offer decent room and access is good, but for longer journeys they're really only suited for children and teenagers. There is however more room than most seven-seat people carriers.

All European Voyagers were made in Austria and they are plentiful on the secondhand market, with reasonable prices.

There is just one engine option, a 161 or later 178bhp, 2.8-litre four cylinder diesel with a standard six-speed automatic gearbox.

Drive is to the front wheels and performance is good, with reasonable refinement.

But economy is not the best, with an average of just 30mpg, and emissions are high at 207 grammes per kilometre of carbon dioxide.

The ride is comfortable over most surfaces, and even with all seven seats in place, there is still a reasonably good boot. Handling is sacrificed to ride comfort, but even so, there is not too much roll.

The gear selector is sensibly on the column, freeing up space, and the automatic gearbox makes for a very easy driving experience once you get used to the vehicle's size.

The seats have loads of combinations and permutations, and access into the middle and back rows is via two wide opening electric sliding doors.

Latterly, trim levels were SE. SR and Limited, and SE has alloys and an alarm, traction control, cruise, alloys, remote locking, heated mirrors, climate and a mobile phone.

The SR adds electric adjustment for the driver's seat, parking sensors and sat nav, while the Limited adds heated leather seats, electric adjustment for the front passenger, headlamp washers and more.

A flat floor throughout the cabin makes it more user friendly than some and the inside is vast.

Pay about £15,600 for a '13 13-reg SE, or £23,300 for a '15 15-reg Limited.