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Peugeot 308, front
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Peugeot 308 CC, front
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THEpresent Peugeot 308 is classy, easy to live with and immensely capable.

But the previous model, while not having the same looks, is still very capable and a much cheaper secondhand buy.

It was available as either a three or five door hatch, a five door SW estate and as an electric-roofed coupe-cabriolet (CC).

I can't say I like the earlier "gatemouth" grille but on later cars this was changed for a smaller and more pleasing look and everything else about them is great.

They were based on the preceeding 307, a popular family car that found huge numbers of friends in this country.

They have good road-holding and handling and also manage a comfortable ride as long as you steer clear of the higher powered models with sports suspension.

The steering is informative and a slick-changing five-speed gearbox, a light clutch and excellent brakes all help the driving experience.

Petrol engines range up from a 98bhp 1.4, through a 120bhp 1.6 to the later 1.6 turbos with 156, 175 or 200bhp.

There are many more diesels on the secondhand market, because they sold in larger numbers new and these range up from a 90bhp 1.6 through 110 and 115bhp versions of the same engine to a 2.0-litre with 150 or 163bhp.

Economy is the petrol models should be is in low 40 on a longer run, and the 1.6 diesels should be capable of the high 50s in real driving.

Three door models are cheapest but five door and estate are much more practical - especially if you have children.

Trying to get children into car seats in the back of any three door usually means expensive visits to your friendly neighbourhood chiropractor or osteopath.

The CC is great fun in the summer, but it's only a two and a half seater and if you're tempted by one, make sure the roof mechanism works perfectly.

Mid-range Active models come with remote locking, air con, electric windows, height adjustable seat and height and reach adjustable column, traction control, alloys, audio remote and cruise.

Pay about £5,500 for a '12 12-reg eHDi Active diesel, or £6,850 for a '13 13-reg Sport with the same engine.


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