Lexus LC 500 - First


Lexus LC 500, 2017, front
Lexus LC 500, 2017, side
Lexus LC 500, 2017, front, action
Lexus LC 500, 2017, cornering
Lexus LC 500, 2017, rear
Lexus LC 500, 2017, gear lever
Lexus LC 500, 2017, seats
Lexus LC 500, 2017, instrument panel
Lexus LC 500, 2017, interior
Lexus LC 500, 2017, engine

IT will turn heads out on the road and for the fortunate few who can splash out £86,590 Lexus has created a very special super coupe - so special that only 250 a year will be imported to the UK.

The new Lexus LC 500 shows that the Japanese are now more than capable of producing a stunning Grand Tourer that equals similar fantastic looking cars from such established rivals as Aston Martin and the like.

It's taken bosses at Toyota-owned Lexus some time to come up with an answer to these illustrious rivals but they have finally achieved it and on the evidence of the new LC 500 they have deservedly joined the grand GT brigade.

Five years ago Lexus gave everyone a glimpse of this car with a concept model and now it has become a reality which under close inspection varies little in design and style from that original.

Based on an all new platform there's a choice of two engines - either a 3.8-litre V6 petrol-electric hybrid called the LC 500h or an out-and-out 5.0-litre V8 471bhp normally aspirated LC 500.

The jury has no case to answer as anyone wanting a genuine modern day Grand Tourer with a front engine, rear-wheel drive, 2+2 configuration with performance to match will opt for the V8.

The statistics speak for themselves with a 0 to 62mph acceleration of 4.4 seconds and a claimed top speed of 168mph with maximum torque of 540Nm arriving at 4,800 rpm.

All this power is delivered through a slick, smooth and swift changing 10-speed Sports Direct Shift automatic gearbox which is simply a delight to use.

With that lovely sounding V8 engine under the bonnet the response on acceleration is excellent, particular quick for mid-range overtaking.

Sitting on 20-inch alloy wheels the suspension is on the hard side - expected from such a sports-oriented GT - but it's never uncomfortable with steel coils and adaptive dampers on board along with multi-link systems front and rear.

With nice, precise steering it makes for a real driver's car with a well balanced combination of true sports car driving as well as comfort and interior luxury while there's a choice of driving modes - Eco, Comfort, Normal and Sport+.

The posh interior is one that oozes luxury with leather seats complete with a heating and cooling facility that give excellent lumbar support. There's a distinctly opulent air about the cabin.

For the driver, the central console is ideally positioned with equally well placed digital instruments, while the 10-inch infotainment system is easy to follow and use - less complicated than on some of the LC 500 rivals.

Because in essence the LC 500 is a two-seater coupe - the rear seats are only really for young children - driving this coupe is all about style and image.

On the road the sexy Lexus comes into its own for long distance cruising. It's fast, comfortable and simply eats up the miles without blinking.

Official fuel consumption claims the LC 500 will return 24.4mpg with emissions of267g/km but in all honesty drivers of this car won't be too worried about such trivialities - the real benefits are its quiet and refined persona and how quick it can accelerate when needed.


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