Fiat 500s get


Fiat 500 Mirror models, 2018
Fiat 500 Mirror, 2018, group
Fiat 500 Mirror, 2018, interior

FIAT is upgrading technology on its 500 series models with a limited edition range of Mirror models.

As well as adding new blue paint jobs to the ranges, the 500 Mirror cars come with Fiat's latest Uconnect system which features a seven-inch touchscreen, compatibility with both Apple and Android smartphones and an app which includes services such as accident recovery and speed alerts.

The app - developed by Fiat Chrysler's Mopar parts division - is a first on Fiat cars.

The Mirror models are being rolled out on the 500 hatch and convertible and the larger 500L MPV and 500X crossover priced from £13,965, £16,615, £16,795 and £18,250 respectively.

Other features provided by the app include locating the vehicle in case of theft by detecting that the car is moving without a key and alerting the operations centre, sending an alert if a certain speed limit is exceeded or if the vehicle leaves a zone previously delimited on a map.

The system also shows the position of the car when parked and can be used to view information on its conditions, such as fuel level, battery charge and tyre pressure.

Fiat says the Mirror models will be coming on stream in February.


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