Sky high supercar

repair costs

McLaren MP4-12C
Land Rover Discovery Landmark, side
Nissan GT-R, 2017, front, track

WE all quibble sometimes about the cost of vehicle repairs but figures released this week put it all into perspective.

Warranty specialists revealed the top ten largest repair bills from 2017. The list of the top ten repairs ranges from £5,084 to £10,000.

A McLaren MP4-12C tops the list, with a major gearbox repair bill totalling a massive £10,000, which was covered by Warrantywise.

To get this sort of cover will set you back £209 per month, but it is not just McLaren that costs a bundle to fix.

The top ten list is full of some of the world's most famous cars, with the top three pay outs covering major engine and gearbox repairs.

Warrantywise's second and third largest pay outs for 2017, were for a Land Rover Discovery 4 and a Nissan GTR, with bills of around £8,500 and £6,200.

The average monthly cost of Warrantywise cover is £53 for the Land Rover and £104 for the Nissan GTR, proving how the cost of having a car warranty is significantly lower than the repair cost.

Warrantywise's data also reveals just how expensive relatively minor issues can be. Repairing an oil leak in a Porsche Cayenne, for example, came with a bill of £5,494, with a sensor repair on a Mercedes C-Class costing £5,134.

Lawrence Whittaker, chief executive of Warrantywise, said:"Repair bills are not cheap - especially on certain vehicles. That's why when you lay out all the repair pay outs Warrantywise makes, you can see why so many of our customers swear by our service.

"It's not just supercars which have expensive repair bills, but the fact that we also have the likes of Mercedes and Land Rover in our 2017 pay outs just goes to show that all cars have the potential to go wrong."


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