Tracker combats

vehicle jammers

Car thief using jammer

VEHICLE security company Tracker says it has developed a system that can stop car thieves using jamming equipment to overcome immobilisers.

The number of vehicles stolen using so-called GPS or GSM jammers has soared in recent months with thieves mainly targeting luxury models.

Tracker has now launched its S5 Plus security device which combines VHF with GPS and GSM technology making it resilient to jamming.

Andy Barrs, head of police liaison at Tracker, said: "Jamming devices are readily available on the Internet for thieves to buy, posing a very real risk to vehicle owners. Most security systems rely on GPS alone, but this isn't enough. Tracker S5 Plus uses a unique combination of technology, offering motorists the most effective protection, even if the GPS signal is blocked.

"The system is also compatible with all hybrid and electric cars, ensuring we meet the growing demand for greener motoring by offering the same high level of protection for all vehicles."

The S5 Plus, which costs £708, comes with a Tracker Touch app which includes a ‘find my car' locator, theft reporting and enables users to see a crime rating for an area before parking.


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